Sony Alpha 7R – A Camera on Steroids!


Sony Alpha 7R review. Yet again raising the bar, Sony’s new twins set a higher standard for compact cameras. You can’t find another quite like the Alpha 7 and it’s bigger brother the Alpha 7R (or quite as good!).

Delivering on a relentless desire to lead the mirrorless camera industry, both Alpha’s feature full-frame sensors in a tight retro design. The magnesium alloy of the chassis is light and robust. You can really feel the quality and strength of the camera as you are shooting. At 465 grams the Alpha 7R is in a class of its own and the first full-frame mirrorless compact that let’s you change the lenses.

Sony Alpha 7R Review Comparison

Using the two Alphas side by side, only the resolution and autofocus systems are different. The higher priced 7R jams 36.3 megapixels in it’s sensor, compared to (only) 24.3 in the Alpha 7; perfect for photographers after the highest resolutions possible. The Alpha 7’s autofocus system has a slight edge, combining contrast and phase detect autofocus it’s a tad faster than the 7R. Testing this out for myself, I couldn’t see a big difference in shooting. What I did notice was that both Alpha’s are lightning fast compared to my NEX-7, Sony boasts the autofocus speed has increased over three times.

Sony Alpha 7R Review Features

The two Alpha’s are packed with features and controls every professional photographer will love. What’s really great is the redesigned menu (since the NEX Series), it’s now quite similar to a standard DSLR menu. This makes it easy to use for every level of photographer. The built in WiFi and apps make it simple to control the camera with my smartphone, and let’s me instantly share pictures taken on the net.

I really like the front and back mounted dials, allowing you to control your shooting with either your thumb or forefinger. The LCD screen is big and bright, and can tilt so that even in the brightest conditions you can always see the screen. The only downside for the Alpha 7R is the battery drain, you need at least two back-up batteries if you want a whole day shooting.

To make the best use of the full-frame sensors, you need to get a hold of one of the new FE series lenses. Designed specifically for the Alpha’s, there are a couple on the market now with a total of 15 planned to be released before 2015. It’s compatibility is fantastic, you can fit any other E mount lens to the Alpha, or buy an adapter and bring an old lens back to life. The only downside is a little bit of cropping in the pictures you take.

Sony Alpha 7R Review Video

Capturing video is easy, recording at 1080/60p and 24p with an option for live uncompressed HDMI output – even the most hardcore video editors will have spectacular footage to manipulate.

Take a break from mediocrity and check out the latest and greatest from Sony, the Alpha 7R. Lining it up with it’s competition the Nikon D610 and the Canon EOS 6D are the closest match for features, but being lighter and cheaper than both the Alpha 7R is a great bargain. Whether you are a novice or a professional photographer, get your hands on one of these and see for yourself how easy it is to take great photos especially landscapes. I hope you enjoyed reading our Sony Alpha 7R Review.

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